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Google Cast SDK now available for developing Google Cast-ready Apps

Google Cast SDK now available for developing Google Cast-ready Apps


Google Cast SDK now available for developing Google Cast-ready Apps

Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) has always been perceived as an amazing feature to work on by the developers around the world. This Chromecast technology offers its users with more than a single screen experience on portable devices like tablets, laptops, phones and large-screens. Well, there’s a good news for developers out there! Google Cast (SDK) is now in the store. So, develop and publish Google Cast-ready apps now!

The integration of Google Cast SDK is simple as you don’t need to code a fresh application. This user friendly feature makes it more flexible. All it needs is the addition of SDK to your portable device. This proffers you the full control over developing and publishing applications using Google Cast developer console. Through Google Cast browser extension, this SDK has been made available on Android and iOS. The availability has also been discussed in detail.

Support for Receiver Application

The developer enjoys multiple domains for the display of content on Chromecast. As far as simple applications of media are concerned, he can use the default media player to play HTML 5 content. Customization is also possible using CSS.

As far as non-media apps are considered standard web technologies can be employed to establish a custom receiver application. This adds more interface flexibility and general ease of use. The custom receiver can suffice to build applications in all ranges and it also incorporates extra support got streaming protocols like MPEG-DASH, HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming, which can be found in Media Player Library.

Sample Applications

With the notion of providing modified user experience some sample applications have been created for Android, iOS and Chrome. In the case of Android a Cast Companion Library makes the integration even easier. In a way, Cast Companion Library can be thought of as a tool for
the user to add friendliness to the Software Development Kit.


For the compatibility of the SDK for the Chrome Set devices, their software has been updated. The Google Cast extension for Chrome was released on 3rd February 2014. As far as Android is considered the Google Cast SDK will be released as a portion of 4.2 update of the Google Play Services. This update is presently released for Android devices. For the iOS, the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) has been available from 3rd February, 2014.

Google Cast Developers site can be visited to start developing and publishing with the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK).

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