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Google Camera App Features ‘Lens Blur’ to Produce SLR-Style Photos

Google Camera App Features ‘Lens Blur’ to Produce SLR-Style Photos


Google Camera App Features ‘Lens Blur’ to Produce SLR-Style Photos

Google Camera App Features ‘Lens Blur’ to Produce SLR-Style PhotosFor sure, you would be interested, much more, delighted to the idea of taking SLR-style photographs using just your Android smartphone. And you don’t need a device that comes with the most powerful phone camera. All you need is to install and use Google’s camera app.

The new feature called ‘Lens Blur’ is designed to provide and facilitate an optical effect, which could only be possible with the use of an aperture and big lens. It is a new mode included in the Google camera app. Without any doubt, it is the perfect tool for photo enthusiasts and selfie addicts out there.

How does it work? Google camera app using Lens Blue would enable you to capture a photo with shallow depth of field. You can use your Android smartphone or tablet to achieve that. Unlike the usual photo taken using an Android device, the picture taken using Lens Blur would enable users to change the level of focus after the picture is taken.

It’s in the focus

Thus, a user could easily and instantly make an object or subject come more into focus. Or he could make other objects out of focus. To top it all, this could be made possible just by tapping in an image.

Logically, modifying the depth-of-field slider could easily and possibly simulate various aperture sizes. This would be necessary to achieve desired visual effects, which may range from subtle to surreal like tilt-shift.

Moreover, the new image produced could be rendered in an instant. It would allow users to see the changes made in real time. Thus, a user could opt to go on with the changes or revert to original image and make new changes. It is that easy.

Furthermore, the algorithms that are used for creating a 3D photo would fully run on a mobile device. Those would be closely related to the same algorithms that are used in usual 3D mapping features like those used in Google Earth and Google Maps Photo Tours.

Google standalone camera

Meanwhile, Google has also recently rolled out its Google Camera. It is a standalone version of the stock camera app that is now available through Android devices. This new app was initially speculated to be launched earlier this month.

Lens Blur is expected to be available though the Google Camera. The new app is now up at the Google Play Store. It is also compatible with Android devices operating on KitKat (Android 4.4).

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