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Google Buys Video Ad Company mDialog

Google Buys Video Ad Company mDialog


Google Buys Video Ad Company mDialog

Google Buys Video Ad Company mDialogBefore the weekend, Google Inc announced that it has bought mDialog, a video advertising producer. However, the giant technology firm refused to disclose the purchase amount. But it has clearly set its plans for the acquisition.

According to the company, it would incorporate the acquisition’s technology into its own digital marketing product suite called DoubleClick. But this may not happen overnight. Google said the integration may be completed over time.

mDialog specializes in management, delivery, and measurement of video ads across devices, which may include iPads, iPhones, Android gadgets, Apple TV, Google TV, Xbox, and Roku. The company is based in San Francisco in California.

High hopes for the transaction 

In a statement posted at Google+, DoubleClick said its combination with Google would enable it to offer additional ways to help publishers in monetizing linear, live, and on-demand videos across all devices. The company also said the transaction represents its recent influx of current investments to help brands connect with video content of the highest quality.

For its part, mDialog assured its present users that the service would not be gone for good. It committed to continue providing its services as always to its distributors and programmers. Thus, there would be no instant changes that may shock or surprise its existing customers. The company also asserted that it is looking forward to combine with DoubleClick for more opportunities.

Google on a buying spree

This is the latest acquisition of Google, which seems to be on a purchase spree lately. Earlier this month, the company launched its marketplace for high-end programmatic video called Partner Select.

Before that, Google has also bought Alpental Technologies, a wireless startup. The deal is part of an effort to extend online services especially to areas that are still not reached by the Internet around the world.

In April, the company acquired Titan Aerospace that manufactures solar-powered drones, which in turn would be used to help bring the online media to under-served areas globally through the Project Loon. Additionally, Google has also bought Skybox (a satellite imaging firm) and Quest Visual (creator of Word Lens translation app). It also invested $3.2 billion this year to buy Nest Labs that develops and produces smart learning smoke alarm and thermostat.  

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