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Google Buys Sound Authentication Giant – SlickLogin

Google Buys Sound Authentication Giant – SlickLogin


Google Buys Sound Authentication Giant – SlickLogin

There is great news for those people who are tired of two-pass Google’s authentication. The Google has now acquired the services of SlickLogin. It will now use its unique sounds as the technology for entering passwords.

 Google is renowned for its security features. It is already implementing the two-step verification process for avoiding the hackers from accessing the accounts illegally. However, there is an element of frustration involved in this security measure even though it has provided safety to the servers. Users have to enter two codes: his own password and the code sent to his mobile through the Google server.

This news was disclosed by the SlickLogin on its official website that has been used by the Google for their services in providing security for passwords for the amount that hasn’t been disclosed as yet. The team of SlickLogin consisting of three persons teased the readers with the statement that Google is working on something bigger projects that will make internet safer for everyone. The company was quite excited at joining the great reputation company of the world.

SlickLogin seeks to replace the traditional styles of entering passwords to voice recognition based passwords. In order for logging into a server or website, the computer of the user would play a near silent sound that could only be picked up using a special app for smartphone that stored the credentials for the users. The phone will then signal the computer to confirm the identity of the user and complete the login process.

This setup of entering passwords is novel. However, there are plenty of other systems and software that will aid you in making your servers secure. But the bottom line is that, adding security at the cost of convenience is never a good idea. The sound authentication technology of SlickLogin is a great technology that sounds like a great method for password entry. It will be very good to see if Google uses the services of SlickLogin for providing the security to its users.

Google is the first company to add more security features to its servers by introducing the two-step authentication process. However, this process might be undesired for many people that should be modified quickly to allow ease and comfort for users while enhancing the security at the same time. In the world of great hackers today, it is very difficult to be saved from security breaches.

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