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Google Buys Opinion Tracking Service Polar

Google Buys Opinion Tracking Service Polar


Google Buys Opinion Tracking Service Polar

Google Buys Opinion Tracking Service PolarGoogle has acquired Polar, a popular service that tracks online opinion. The giant technology firm did not disclose the amount it spent for the purchase nor the terms of the deal. But in a recent statement about this transaction, the company said it would absorb the team behind the acquisition to possibly heat up its own social network, Google+.

Polar’s team is expected to help make Google+ become more user-friendly particularly on mobile devices. Consequently, Polar will shut down its service by the end of this year.

The Polar service

Polar’s main operations involve easy-to-use surveys that can be quickly filled out through different applications and web services. Its polls are unique because those don’t include numerous options. Instead, the surveys are simple types that ask people to choose usually between two options.

The company began with the simple idea that all people have opinions that have to be heard. One in 449 online users has been participating since it started the service. It was established in 2012 by Luke Wroblewski, co-founder of Bagcheck, and Jeff Cole, who co-founded Patients Like Me.

Since its establishment, Polar has been enjoying a stable rate of usage and growth. It is claiming to have conducted over half a billion surveys in the past eight months. Moreover, the service claims to have more than 1.1 million voters who actively participate in its polls as of September.

Use of Polar’s expertise

As part of the acquisition, Polar will release a series of helpful articles about multi-device and mobile designing in the form of free PDF document and iBook. It would also serve as a proof of its expertise in this subject area. Wroblewski, one of the founders of Polar, had released a book in the past called ‘Mobile First,’ a resource about app design that has created a buzz in Silicon Valley.

It is not clear yet how the expertise of Polar would specifically be fitted into Google+. But to many observers, this could be an indication that Google is not yet giving up on its own social media platform. It is expected to come up with more new ideas to make the service more interesting. 

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