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Google Buys Consumer Electronics Designer Gecko Design

Google Buys Consumer Electronics Designer Gecko Design


Google Buys Consumer Electronics Designer Gecko Design

Google Buys Consumer Electronics Designer Gecko DesignGoogle is in a buying spree this month. This weekend, the giant technology firm has announced its fourth acquisition so far this August. This time, the company said it is buying a small, California-based firm called Gecko Design, which specializes in designing new consumer electronics products.

It seems that Google is more interested in the talent behind the new acquisition. It disclosed that Gecko Design’s five-person team will be joining its own research lab, Google X. It should be noted that prior to this agreement. The small design firm has already collaborated with Google X in several projects.

In the past several years, Google has been expanding its portfolio, which mainly consists of Internet and software technology. It is now also into designing as well as producing more hardware that target consumers like smartphones, home media devices, wearables, and tablets.

More about Gecko Design

Gecko Design boasts of its special expertise in navigation of the product design process, integrated with the mechanical engineering requirements. It provides assistance to product development teams particularly in intercepting expensive design glitches earlier in the development process.

The small company was established by Jacques Gagné in 1996. So far, it has already worked with various development teams from other important companies like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Logitech, Fitbit, Sonos, and One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). It has also co-worked with other industrial design businesses like Frogdesign, Newdeal Design, and Fuseproject.

Working with Google X

Gecko Design president and owner Gagné expressed optimism in the transaction. He was quoted as saying that the acquisition of his firm by Google would be an incredible opportunity for him and his other four people to work with Google X. He also said that they are all excited as well as honored to join Google. There are hopes that they would work on many other different cutting edge endeavors in the future.

In an interview with some media people, Gagné also claimed that they are the missing pieces that would complete Google X. He explained further by saying how their business goes on. According to him, clients hire Gecko because they are mostly at a point wherein they have no clue as to how to turn their promising ideas into actual products. Gecko Design claims to specialize in doing products that have not been done by anyone before.

This transaction follows the recent acquisition of image recognition firm Jetpac, smart texting business Emu, and video-editing app development company Directr.

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