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Google Bans Super Naughty Ads on AdWords

Google Bans Super Naughty Ads on AdWords


Google Bans Super Naughty Ads on AdWords

Google Bans Super Naughty Ads on AdWordsThe good old days of porn Websites that promote on Google may be numbered. Soon, the search engine giant will fully implement a policy for ‘no super naughty ads’ specifically on AdWords. This is not actually a new rule. The company has posted this notification in March.

According to the company, it has already started sending emails to advertisers reminding them of the upcoming crackdown on adult advertising. However, it clarified that it is not totally prohibiting adult ads in general. But it is tightening the definition of what is allowable for ad posting on AdWords.

In a statement, Google said that in the coming few weeks, it will cease accepting ads that promote explicit or graphic depictions of various sexual acts. Those would include but not be limited to hardcore porn as well as sexual activities like masturbation and other sexual activities involving genitals, anus, and oral organs.

Disapproving ads

Google will disapprove ads and Websites that are identified as violators of the revised ad policy. It will send notifications to affected ad promoters and sites. That means that the company will still give those the chance to make necessary changes to their ads and Websites. Thus, their campaigns could still continue to run.

This news should come as no surprise to advertisers. As mentioned, as early as March, Google already announced specific changes to its AdWords policy. It said that its policies covering adult sex services, non-consensual sex acts, and family statuses will get an update in June.

Applause from moralists

The new policy is expected to affect a segment in AdWords that has remained untouched for quite some time. But still, some advertisers are set to be caught off guard.

As expected, many morality groups praised Google for this action. They applauded the company for turning its own back on the main industry that has been generating revenues for it. Now, anyone can’t help but wonder if Google is ready to extend this new policy to its primary business. Will the search engine finally start blocking adult content from its search results? That will remain to be answered in the coming months or years. Let’s keep an eye on this development.  

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