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Google AI System Now Considered A Driver

Google AI System Now Considered A Driver
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Google AI System Now Considered A Driver

Google’s driver-less cars have been making quite a stir for some time now, in both the car and tech industry.  The ambitious artificial intelligence run car is moving slowly, but is successfully moving closer to production. This past week, the search engine firm has managed to convince the US government that the Google AI system will be considered as “drivers”, reports The Guardian.

Agreeing with the tech company is the National Transportation Safety Administration or NHTSA. NHTSA has ruled that the software used on some automated cars should be considered the driver. This was stated in a letter that was sent from the federal agency to the California based firm.

It could be recalled that before the ruling was out, last November, Google Self-driving car project Director Chris Urmson has asked NHTSA for an interpretation of safety standards in cars it wants to produce, without the traditional controls like a steering wheel or a throttle and brake pedals which is used on human driven cars.

According to Bloomberg, NHTSA Chief Counsel Paul Hemmersbaugh commented that if there are no human occupants and the car can actually drive the vehicle, then it is more reasonable to identify the driver as whatever is doing the driving; which is the case with the American multinational company where its Google AI system or self driving system is the one that is actually driving the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Google representative Johnny Luu said that the letter response of NHTSA is currently being examined and will soon have a plan on how it will proceed with the project and how to respond.

Fortune reports that after the recent response, it doesn’t mean that self-driving cars are already legal for public use. After the interpretation has been cleared, Hemmersbaugh wrote in the letter that the next step for the tech firm is on how it could certify that the Google AI system meets the standard that is currently being applied to human driven cars.

This statement leads to the obvious that this is the next stage that the American company has to pass in order to move forward with their ambitious driver less cars.

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