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Google Ads Are Getting More Targeted For Google Search, Gmail, YouTube And More

Google Ads Are Getting More Targeted For Google Search, Gmail, YouTube And More
Picture from Google’s Universal App Campaigns/Google Website


Google Ads Are Getting More Targeted For Google Search, Gmail, YouTube And More

All you need to know about Google’s Customer Match and Universal App Campaign.

Google Senior Vice President of Ads and Commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy has admitted recently that the company wants to help advertisers be in “intent-rich moments that truly matter.” And that is why they will soon roll out two new products to help advertisers better target their audience at the exact right time. These are Customer Match and Universal App Campaigns.

The truth is audience targeting does not work so well without proper timing. And wouldn’t it be great if you can advertise a product or service at the exact moment someone is searching something similar on your browser, or checking them on your Gmail or even, watching it on YouTube?

Google believes that it is exactly when you are doing these things that is also the right time to show you similar offers. After all, it is no longer just about being relevant when it comes to context. In fact, as much as 70% of online consumers have said that their perception of a brand’s message is not built on quality and relevance alone. Yes, timing also matters very much.

With Customer Match, you get to carefully choose and speak directly to your market. This is done by allowing advertisers to upload a list of specific email addresses in order to be able to develop highly targeted campaigns and ads just for the people on the list. Meanwhile, users who do not care much for these ads on Google search, Gmail and YouTube can simply opt out from these ads by simply muting or blocking them.

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Aside from being able to reach a highly targeted set of Google users, Customer Match also comes with another feature known as Similar Audiences. This allows advertisers to reach other new customers, which may likely be interested in their products and services. Brand, product or service awareness is the goal here and it can readily be done through this feature. Indeed, Customer Match makes it possible for a user to see the right ads at the exact right time.

Meanwhile, Google’s Universal App Campaigns practically does the same thing that Customer Match does, except that it helps target the right audience from Google Search, Google Play, YouTube and Google Display Network (GDN) when it comes to apps. This is Google’s way of helping companies promote their apps to the right audience and even encourage downloads and installations.

Overall, being able to target an audience at the most relevant time means advertising money well spent!

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