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Goodbye Rio Olympics, Hello Tokyo 2020: Pokemon, Robots, Animes, Cosplayers, Everything To Expect

Goodbye Rio Olympics, Hello Tokyo 2020: Pokemon, Robots, Animes, Cosplayers, Everything To Expect
Olimpic games 2020 – Tokyo – Japan Cesar I. Martins / Flickr cc


Goodbye Rio Olympics, Hello Tokyo 2020: Pokemon, Robots, Animes, Cosplayers, Everything To Expect

It’s time to bid farewell to 2016 Rio Olympics and look forward to everything that 2020 Tokyo Olympics is rumored to bring!

Even though it’s four years away, the buzz around Tokyo Olympics has already started as it is being dubbed as the most futuristic Olympic games, to date.

While the Rio Olympics this year was shrouded in a negative light before it even began, what with the news of Zika virus and lack of security measures in Brazil, it did manage to pull off a good show without any major upsets.

However, Tokyo 2020 seems to have all the makings of a grand Olympics setting, with a completely automated Olympic village, advanced robotic taxis, and high tech apps that not only reports but actually speak to you about everything that is going on during the Olympics!

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The first inkling of Japan stepping up its game and embracing the digital age when it comes to representing the Olympic games came from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who appeared during the closing ceremony of 2016 Rio Olympics, dressed like Super Mario from the Mario video games, reports The Guardian.

Japan is all set to step it up and make people feel what the next generation means for the Olympics. While the earlier expenditure estimate for 2020 Tokyo Olympics was said to be around 730bn yen, it has drastically increased to 2-3tn yen now!

Check out some of the crazy, over-the-top ideas that Tokyo has in store for the time when it will be their turn to host the legendary Olympic Games:

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Tokyo 2020 Facts

  • Manmade meteors that shoot across the sky like fireworks, only better, as several Japanese performers fly across the stadium in matching traditional outfits.
  • Robots all over the place, guiding spectators to their respective seats, driving players to their village condos and acting as a guide to tourists who travel to Tokyo to see the Olympics. The robots will be well-equipped to provide directions, suggest best local dining and nightlife options and much more.
  • The Olympic association in Japan is collaborating with Panasonic to create wearable devices that can be worn as necklaces that translate Japanese to your native language for easier communication.
  • The games themselves will be getting ultra modern with all the referees being bestowed the advantage of using 3D Laser tech to analyze the movements of the players more accurately in order to help them set perfect scores.
  • Tokyo is getting a whole new national stadium built for hosting the 2020 Olympics, something that is said to combine the integral culture of Japan with the futuristic look and feel of 21st
  • With its extended manga heritage, it will not be surprising if some of people’s favorite Pokemon and other anime characters show up in real life in the opening ceremony of 2020 Tokyo, reports Engadget.

In the process of reinventing the Olympic Games, Japan will attempt to reinvent its image in the eyes of the world, declaring itself as “no longer a war mongering nation” and “that they had arrived on the international world stage as a team player”, reports CNN.

For the latest Tokyo 2020 News please stay tuned in to this site.

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