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Good News: YouTube Views Won’t Get Stuck At 301 Anymore

Good News: YouTube Views Won’t Get Stuck At 301 Anymore
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Good News: YouTube Views Won’t Get Stuck At 301 Anymore

Do you own a YouTube channel? Are you obsessed with the views? If yes, then you may have noticed how YouTube used get stuck at 301 views. Good news, friends! YouTube views will not get stuck at 301 anymore, even for a moment, showing you the exact number of views a video is getting.

Why were YouTube views getting stuck?

Once the number touched 300, YouTube wanted to be sure that the traffic is not coming from bots and is genuine. The number used to freeze for a few hours until the video streaming website completed cross-checking the authenticity of views.

YouTube Analytics Product Manager Ted Hamilton, in the video below, explains why YouTube took the traffic cross-checking step in the first place. He says, “We think of views as a currency, and therefore we have to make a significant effort to eliminate counterfeit views.”

Not just that, spamming YouTube videos can give spammers an opportunity to make an irresistible amount of money; it can cost YouTube a lot for no reason as the website pays a hefty amount for ads. And the more popular the video, the more the number of ads!

Not getting stuck at the odd 301. Why?

The site has now updated its spam detection, finally bidding goodbye to stuck views. YouTube brought good news to channel owners obsessed with the number of views by breaking this news on their Twitter account.

With this wonderful news, you can just keep your video open and watch the number of views shoot up in no time – WITHOUT GETTING STUCK!

Wait a moment – why did YouTube choose 301, not 300, not 200 or 100; only an odd 301? Now that is something not even YouTube knows. As long as they were sure that the number is genuine, they did not care the number used to cross-check the figure.

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