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Good News Story: White Cop Washes Feet Of Black Homeless Man

Good News Story: White Cop Washes Feet Of Black Homeless Man
HoustonPoliceDeptHQ WhisperToMe/ Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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Good News Story: White Cop Washes Feet Of Black Homeless Man

After stepping out of his way beyond the call of duty, a Texas police officer has gone viral when he was caught on camera with a homeless man.

Sgt. Stephen Wick was captured on camera as he got down on his knees to help clean the feet of a homeless man. Wick is part of the Houston Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team.

According to Inside Edition, Wick said he knew the man, Quintus, over the past year as a result of his work with the the team.

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Wick went through multiples interactions with the man. Wick learned that Quintus is 75 years old and sells newspapers. The officer went on to say that Quintus is suffering from glaucoma, which left him almost blind.

Previously, Sgt. Wick and his partner, Officer Colin Mansfield, saw Quintus roaming the streets. They stopped to have a conversation. “He needed cleaning up really bad,” Wick said.

After a realization, the two officers brought him to a safe area near the Homeless Outreach headquarters to help him clean up.

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The agonizing part came when Quintus took off his shoes to get in the shower. It was noted by Wick that he saw the man was in pain as he walked.

“His toenails were so long they were cutting into his feet,” Wick said. “You just feel compassion for the man, so you want to help him.”

It was reported by Insider Fox News that Wick was no stranger to cutting someone else’s toenails. He did it regularly since his elderly mother suffered from dementia.

It was Wick’s partner who took the photo of Wick helping the homeless man. The photo went viral on the Houston Police Officers’ Union Facebook page.

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