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Good News Story: Tooth Fairy Writes To Kid, Letter Means Business

Good News Story: Tooth Fairy Writes To Kid, Letter Means Business
The tooth fairy ☻☺ / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Good News

Good News Story: Tooth Fairy Writes To Kid, Letter Means Business

Who hasn’t heard about the tooth fairy, who takes away every child’s baby tooth and leaves a money beneath the pillow? Most children believe, at least at some point in their lives, that these fairies do exist.

But these parents from Philadelphia have brought this childhood fantasy to the next level when they forgot to place money after their son Elliot lost his fourth molar. Equipped with an innate sense of humor and creativity, the couple—Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Skwire—have thought of an ingenious way to make this experience a memorable one, Katu News reported.

Based on the narratives of text message between the couple, instead of giving their son money, they instead thought of giving him a list of chores for him to “shape up.” The couple posted their text conversation in social network site

More of a MOA

Because they had a hard time having Elliot do and complete his chores, they drafted a memo and make it appear that it came from the tooth fairy. The letter, which reads like a memorandum or agreement (MOA) between corporations and parties, sounds like the fairy meant business.

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The memo, which contains an impressive letterhead “The Offices of Tooth and Fairy, LLC — Tooth Adjusters,” stipulates the conditions Elliot needed to comply with in exchange of his remaining teeth’s retention.

“We have been notified by your Parental Units (parents), that these obligations have gone uncompleted, and often have to be requested multiple times before they are, in fact, done. If these obligations are not fully completed, without demand, in the specified time frame (every day after school or camp), we will have no resource but to repossess all of your remaining teeth, by force if necessary, with no repayment to you” the fairy tooth’s memo reads.


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