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Single Mom Transforms Herself To Attend Dads Only School Event

Single Mom Transforms Herself To Attend Dads Only School Event
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Single Mom Transforms Herself To Attend Dads Only School Event

One single mother had just gone out of her way to make sure that her son didn’t miss a school event just because it’s for fathers only.

The morning of September 1 was probably typical for Yevette Vasquez. She and her son Elijah woke up and the North Texas mother soon got her son ready for school. When she went to drop him off though, she noticed that there were many cars parked outside the Sue Crouch Intermediate School where her son goes.

Back in the car, Elijah explained to his mom that it was actually “Donuts with Dad” day on campus. As it happens, Elijah’s dad is not in the mother and son’s lives. However, Yevette thought that should not stop her son from being able to enjoy the special occasion.

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” I know seeing other dads with there kids isn’t easy for mine but its life, at least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face,” Yevette explains in a Facebook post. So instead of Eliljah getting out of the car, the mother and son drove back home.

According to a report from Fox 4, Yevette went back to her house and transformed herself into Elijah’s dad. To make that look happen, the single mother changed into a plaid shirt and donned a ball cap and chain. She also plastered a (fake) mustache on her face and even spritzed on a little men’s cologne.

With her new look complete, Yevette and Elijah made their way back to school and enjoyed some donuts. In the event, Yevette said she got a lot of love and support from a good number of dads around her. According to a report from Huffington Post, she said, “Most of the dads thought it was really cool. They thought it was really supportive and sweet.”

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On Facebook, the support for the single mother is also outpouring. One man even remarked, ” Funny how a lot of men think women need us, nah bruh they can do both! Just be happy if you have one with you cause we’re irresponsible savages without ’em”

And to anyone who feels rather uneasy about Yevette’s decision, she says, ” Please don’t hate I know I’m a woman an(d) so do my sons lol.”

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