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Good News Story: Daughter Vowed A President Will Wear Old Father’s Handmade Shoes, Then It Happened

Good News Story: Daughter Vowed A President Will Wear Old Father’s Handmade Shoes, Then It Happened
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Good News Story: Daughter Vowed A President Will Wear Old Father’s Handmade Shoes, Then It Happened

How would you feel if your father’s humble, handmade pair of shoes is used by no less than the most powerful man in the country, the President?

This is exactly the case of a woman from the Philippines, who vowed she would deliver the pair of shoes her father made for the new president, Rodrigo Duterte. As it turned out, it actually happened.

The woman, identified by Manila-based media as Rosemarie Santos, is a daughter of a traditional shoemaker in Marikina City, the Philippines’ shoe capital. Bringing her father’s craftsmanship with her, she delivered the shoes her father made for the most powerful man in the nation earlier this week.

To make the story more interesting, not only did Mr. Duterte wear the leather brown boots, he also showed off his new pair to his cabinet members.

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While probably the rest of the high-ranking officials are sporting shoes from expensive brands such as Ferragamo, the humble president lauded the creativity and craftsmanship of the shoemaker, locally known as “sapatero.”

In a video released by the state media PTV4, the president was seen showing his new pair to the members of his cabinet. Duterte reportedly wore the same boots during his luncheon meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday.

“A woman brought a pair of boots here. The woman said the boots were made by her father in Marikina. Filipino-made (products) are number one in craftsmanship, even in furniture. Nothing beats the Filipino,” Duterte said in Filipino.

In a Facebook post Rosemarie posted on June 17, she vowed she would do everything so she could give the boots her father made for the President. And it did happen. Duterte was sworn into office on June 30 after a landslide win during the May 9 elections.

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“I will do everything that I can to accomplish by dream for your honor, that one day, the president would wear the shoes that you made for him with your hearts for your 54 years legacy. I would do everything, even if it would mean doing a hunger strike outside of the Malacañang (official residence of the president),” Rosemarie posted.

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