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The Truth: With Aging Fleet & Budget Cuts, US Military Power Is Failing

The Truth: With Aging Fleet & Budget Cuts, US Military Power Is Failing


The Truth: With Aging Fleet & Budget Cuts, US Military Power Is Failing

With the recent reports on military spending, the attention now focuses on what this means for superpowers like US, China and Russia. TheUS has always been linked to being the “biggest spender” more than any other nation. However, this may not be the case at present.

In the past few months, several US officials already emphasized the growing threats to American interests especially from China, North Korea, Iran and Russia. Furthermore, several reports revealed how these perceived threats are shaping Pentagon’s latest budget proposal.

According to National Interest, US military is shrinking as neighboring countries are “bullying” and “coercing” parties to their will. Likewise, the US military budget has been reduced to as much as 25 percent in the last five years that has cut down the country’s capabilities in fighting threats. In fact, more than a decade of conflict and tight budgets has affected military capability greatly.

Top military officials spoke before the Congress voicing this with the Air Force’s Vice of Staff saying: “at a near all-time low due to continuous combat operations, reduced manpower, an aging fleet, and inconsistent funding.” According to the report, the large military is inevitable given that such has played a great role in managing conflict in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. A strong US military is effective in deterring aggression and war.

However, a report from RT said that claims on “Russian military aggression” was only being used by the West as a means to justify missile deployment among others. The report cited an example when Principal Deputy under Secretary of Defense for Policy Brian P. McKeon spoke before the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee.

“Russia is making significant investments in cruise missiles, including a cruise missile that violates the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which eliminated an entire class of US and Russian missiles nearly three decades ago,” the official said as he defended the Missile Defense Agency’s budget request for the coming fiscal year. Nonetheless on top of such claims and accusations on violating nuclear peace treaties, Press Secretary for the Russian president Dmitry Peskov says that the allegations are “unfounded.”

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