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Good News For Android Users: Stagefright Bug Will Now Be Fixed

Good News For Android Users: Stagefright Bug Will Now Be Fixed


Good News For Android Users: Stagefright Bug Will Now Be Fixed

Where there is technology, there are bugs. Yesterday, we told you about Apple working on the DYLD bug; now it’s time for Google to look into its Android bug.

The bug was brought to Android owners’ attentions by a security firm named Zimperium, which noticed that Android devices are exposed to malware by receiving messages from unknown senders. These messages include infected videos and enter your device even without opening the message. When the infected messages are sent, the preview prevents users from clicking on the messages keeping the device safe from the bug.

Addressing the issue, Google told NBC News that Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) is a technique that has been protecting 90% of Android devices.

Starting on Wednesday, Google initiated the bug-fixing program targeting Nexus. Android users with Nexus device can now expect regular security updates. This service would be extended to other Android devices – other brands like Samsung, HTC and Sony – this coming August.

Would Android users switch to Apple for safety?

As mentioned earlier, with technology comes malware and spam. Almost each and every website as well as operating systems have been targeted by hackers and spammers. One cannot say that the user is safe with another brand and not with a particular brand due to risk of virus entering his/her device. Just like with life comes the risk of death; the risk of some stranger trying to get access to your device will always remain.

Technology is fast progressing. We can hope that the technology gets so advanced one day that no spammer or hacker can dare toy with your operating system.

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