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‘Gone Baby Gone’ Star Sean Malone In Critical Condition

‘Gone Baby Gone’ Star Sean Malone In Critical Condition
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‘Gone Baby Gone’ Star Sean Malone In Critical Condition

54-year old “Gone Baby Gone” star Sean Malone probably never thought he would be in critical condition when he went out to M Street Beach Monday afternoon for what seemed like an exercise.

Witness Dawn Lapont tells WCVB Boston, “I noticed a swimmer going out. He was doing the breast stroke. I could tell he was obviously going out for exercise.” But when Malone decided to take to the waters of the M Street Beach to go for a swim, he got into trouble almost immediately.

Several men had seen Malone go to the water for a swim. Among them were three off-duty firefighters that were working out at the L Street Bathhouse, according to the Boston Globe. One of which was Chris Flaherty who happens to be a member of the Fire Department’s Dive Team, according to WCVB Boston. As Flaherty watched Malone swim by himself, he became concerned about how far out the actor was going.

Flaherty then grabbed a paddleboard and started to head out towards the spot where he had last seen Malone. By then, however, he could no longer find the actor. Malone had already gone underwater.

Around this time, Flaherty spotted three teenagers – 18-year old John Feeney and 17-year olds Elliott Chauvet and Joey Binda – who were on a powerboat, enjoying the afternoon. Binda told the Boston Globe that they spotted Flaherty waving his arms as if to say that he needed assistance. The powerboat then, approached Flaherty and together, the men started searching for Malone.

Eventually, Flaherty spotted Malone and as he did, he jumped off the boat and swam to him. Flaherty took Malone towards the boat where he talked the teenagers on how to lift the unconscious actor onto the boat.

As the actor was loaded, Flaherty instructed boat driver Binda, “Get him to shore as fast as you can.”

As they reached the shore, Flaherty performed CPR while Feeney and Chauvet assisted. Meanwhile, the other two firefighters with Flaherty earlier – Andrew Lane and Ryan Long – were already waiting for Flaherty with a defibrillator they had gotten from the building.

Sean Malone’s brother is actually Deputy Fire Chief Scott Malone. And Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald says the family is grateful for what everyone did to help Malone that day. He said, “Sean’s family just wanted to pass on that they’re grateful for the work everyone has done so far to give Sean a chance, and they’re praying for the best.”

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