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GoFar – Your Car’s Personal Trainer

GoFar – Your Car’s Personal Trainer
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GoFar – Your Car’s Personal Trainer

Majority of people end up wasting fuel with bad driving habits; it hurts both their wallets as well as the environment. To take care of this and to make driving more efficient, a Sydney-based startup known as GoFar has been launched. GoFar goes far beyond tracking behavior: it provides users with real-time feedback to help them improve their driving habits.

Going by what Danny Adams – cofounder of GoFar – told Mashable Australia, nearly 25 percent of the fuel people buy gets wasted due to lack of awareness about the impact of driving on fuel consumption. He added that a few of the big contributors include wasteful breaking, and inefficient acceleration and use of speed.

This device will inform people about what’s optimal for their car. Its device called “Ray,” which clips onto the dashboard of the car, informs the driver when their car’s engine is in the sweet spot (the place at which the throttle maximizes power and minimizes fuel consumption).

Exactly like the Formula One display style, when the car is happy, “Ray” glows blue, while it shifts from pink to red when energy is being wasted.

As claimed by the startup, the device’s trials have shown a reduction in fuel usage by 22 percent each year for people who commute daily.

GoFar also pairs with an iOS smartphone app, and the company is working on an Android app.

GoFar has two aims: to help people spend less, and to help the environment by informing people about the pollution caused by their driving style.

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