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‘God of War 4’ PS4 Release Date, Gameplay, Features: What We Know So Far

‘God of War 4’ PS4 Release Date, Gameplay, Features: What We Know So Far
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‘God of War 4’ PS4 Release Date, Gameplay, Features: What We Know So Far

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed new details about “God of War 4.” The upcoming third-person action-adventure will be bigger and more daring that previous entries in the “God of War” franchise.

SIE Santa Monica Studio game director Cory Barlog dispelled rumors claiming that “God of War 4” will have a 100-hour gameplay. He did say the game will be filled with intense action and excitement.

Barlog added that both longtime fans and those new to the franchise will be duly satisfied with “God of War 4.” There will be significant improvements across the board, as per Neuro Gadget.

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The game will feature the same hack-and-slash combat mechanics as past titles, but graphics will be bumped up tenfold. There is also a new progression system that boosts the game’s replay value.

The upcoming installment won’t be a purely open-world affair. However, it will have a less linear storyline than previous “God of War” entries. Gamers will be left to their own devices on how they would want to complete the game.

In “God of War 4,” Kratos travels to Scandinavia with his son. Barlog told Game Spot that the boy is a dynamic AI character in the game.

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“You have a kid and it kind of changes the way you see things and how I approached problems creatively,” he said. “And I thought, ‘There’s some fascinating potential here for what Kratos would be like if given a second chance.’”

“God of War 4” is being hailed as a soft reboot of the franchise. It gives importance to combat, exploration and astute storytelling.

AttackOfTheFanboy speculated that the game will likely release in Fall 2017. It will only be available on PlayStation 4.

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