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Gmail Rolls Out ‘Unsubscribe Link’ to Help Control Unwanted Mailing Lists

Gmail Rolls Out ‘Unsubscribe Link’ to Help Control Unwanted Mailing Lists


Gmail Rolls Out ‘Unsubscribe Link’ to Help Control Unwanted Mailing Lists

Google’s free email service is getting better and better. Gmail has launched another measure to help users manage their continuously piling stack of junk mail in the inbox. It now targets unwanted mails from spammers and mailing lists.

Now, a Gmail user does not have to find the ‘unsubscribe link’ within the bottom of every unwanted email. It has added that option to be a prominent feature displayed right in the email header. You may now find the link placed directly to the right of the Gmail user’s address on the upper top right portion of the Webpage.

More features

That is not all about it that is to be raved about the new ‘unsubscribe link’ button. Whenever you click the link, you would not have to go through the tedious process of visiting the marketer’s online site just to confirm that you are opting out to receive further email from it in the future.

Now, a pop-up screen would appear to ask user to confirm or cancel the request to opt out of the email list service. That is it. Gmail would then automatically send an email request to that sender so that the email user’s address would soon be removed from the mailing list.

Gmail just reminded its users that the process may possibly take a few days to complete. This is because there are mailing lists that require about three days to properly process the unsubscription request. Otherwise, there should be no other problem about the use of this feature.

Availability of service

This new ‘unsubscribe link’ should be prominently available on most mailing lists services. If it is not yet reflecting in your Gmail, you would have to wait before it is rolled out by the system. Otherwise, you have to resort to the traditional and manual way of doing things. Gmail also said the ‘unsubscribe link’ would not be displayed and used for lists that are logically known as owned by usual spammers.

Google first unveiled this feature during the Messaging, Malware, and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group conference last week, held in San Francisco, California. According to sources, Gmail has been testing this new feature for quite some time now. But it has just begun rolling out the service to some users over the past several weeks. It also follows the service’s rolling out of the new inbox sorting feature last summer.

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