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Gmail Rolls Out ‘Unsubscribe’ Feature

Gmail Rolls Out ‘Unsubscribe’ Feature


Gmail Rolls Out ‘Unsubscribe’ Feature

Gmail Rolls Out ‘Unsubscribe’ FeatureAre you annoyed by all those irrelevant emails that seem to always send unwanted messages to your inbox? If you are using Gmail, you will find it easier to stop receiving messages from those senders again.

The free email service of Google has rolled out its ‘unsubscribe’ feature. It is obviously an effort to make using Gmail more enjoyable and convenient. Unsubscribing to emails is now made faster and easier with the new ‘unsubscribe’ button that should be available to all Gmail users by this time.

How it works 

To make use of this new feature, simply click the button that says ‘unsubscribe,’ which is directly located next to the email address of the sender within the message. It will be easier to find that button now.

Formal emails usually come with their own ‘unsubscribe’ link. However, it is often hidden somewhere within the message or at the bottom portion of the same message. It is also a usual practice that such a link comes in miniscule print that will normally be impossible to find.

If you are lucky enough to find that button in the traditional way, you may realize another annoyance. Once you click the ‘unsubscribe’ button, you would be redirected to a separate webpage. You would then re-enter your email address and state your reason for unsubscribing. Gmail is sparing you from that trouble and tediousness with its new feature.

Added feature

Gmail admits that its new ‘unsubscribe’ feature is not really revolutionary. But it would certainly be appreciated by users who often get annoyed when their inbox is stuffed with too many spam mails.

This is also not the first time for Gmail to release this feature. In fact, this ‘unsubscribe’ capability was initially rolled out in February this year. However, it was rolled out only to a limited number of mail users as part of the trial phase for the feature. Now, this is rolled out to be used by any Gmail user around the world.

In a statement, Gmail said email is still the handiest way to obtain updates from users’ favorite brands, discussion boards, social networks, and other senders. However, it is usual for users to be  subscribed to lists that are not useful and relevant to them anymore.

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