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Gmail Redesigns Background of Its iOS App

Gmail Redesigns Background of Its iOS App


Gmail Redesigns Background of Its iOS App

Google has rolled out an update to its Webmail service’s app for iOS devices. The updated Gmail now features a refresh button so users would not have to wait longer anymore when getting messages in the inbox.

This new feature is designed to work best on Apple Inc devices, especially those running on iOS 7. But users have to first switch on the background app refresh and notifications. To do so, go to Settings and choose General. Then, proceed to Background App Refresh and select Gmail.

In a log post, a Google software engineer further explained the update. According to Melissa Dominguez, the Gmail messages would now be pre-fetched and synced so that those would instantly be available when the app is opened. There would be no more annoying pauses as a user waits for the inbox to refresh.

Another useful and time-saving feature

There is another additional feature to the recent update. The single sign-on in all of Google’s apps in iOS is also designed to be a time-saving measure. How does it work? If a user signs in to his Gmail account, he would also be automatically signed in into his Chrome, YouTube, and/or Google Drive apps. That is if he has also installed those applications on the iOS device. Logically, Google would also enable the user to instantly sign out of those apps, too.

In the similar blog post, Ms. Dominguez also talked about this new feature. According to her, there would not be anymore need to type in the user’s multi-character password or even retrieve his two-step verification code each time he navigates into another Google app at the same time. There would be a need to re-login following an update app, though, but then the user would be all set.

The timing of the app update

The updated version of the app can now be readily downloaded in the App Store. Users of earlier versions can also possibly get the update through the store.

This move came just a few days after Google put an ‘unsubscribe’ button inside Gmail to help get rid of unwanted promotions and newsletters in the inbox as quickly as possible. It also came shortly after Yahoo pulled out Google log-ins from its Yahoo services. According to Yahoo, such a move is aimed at further encouraging its users to prefer and use Yahoo IDs.

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