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Gmail Now Automatically Displays Images in Emails

Gmail Now Automatically Displays Images in Emails


Gmail Now Automatically Displays Images in Emails

Gmail Now Automatically Displays Images in EmailsGmail keeps on getting better. Loyal users of the free Google Webmail service would soon be amazed by another new feature that they would surely appreciate. That is because users of the service would soon automatically see images in each email message even if they don’t do anything to do it.

The new feature would eliminate the security risk in PCs or even mobile devices even if images are directly shown in each message. The reason: Google would start filtering images through secure proxy servers rather than displaying those directly from an external source.

In a blog post, John Rae-Grant, Gmail’s product manager, assured users that messages are made more secure and safe. The images would be automatically checked for malware or viruses. Users would not have to press the link that says ‘display images below’ ever again just to check out the images. Thus, he reiterated that this change would make the Gmail user experience not just safer but also faster and more enjoyable than before.

Latest improvement

Gmail used to ask its user for approval before it shows images in each email. This is a measure for protection from anonymous senders who could be trying to send images as a strategy to compromise security of PCs and mobile devices.

Now, with the latest improvements to the service, every image on Gmail would be displayed in each email message. This would apply to desktop, Android, and iOS uses. As expected, it is another feature that would set aside Gmail above the rest in the market today.

Image proxy service

So what’s the difference to the new image proxy service? According to the experts, it could be compared to the default ‘https’ access. It could also be as safe and effective as two-step verification processes and suspicious activity detection for protecting email users.

This new option would be the default for Gmail users. It would be applied particularly to those who had previously chosen ‘Ask before displaying external content.’

In case you are wondering, this new feature is not yet fully rolled out by Gmail. In fact, according to the timetable released by Google, it would be released on PC desktops on Friday, December 20. It would not be rolled out simultaneously to mobile apps. According to Google, the changes would be implemented on mobile platforms by early next year, which is just a few weeks ahead.

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