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Gmail New Feature Warn Users About Unsafe Emails

Gmail New Feature Warn Users About Unsafe Emails
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Gmail New Feature Warn Users About Unsafe Emails

Last Year in November, reports by several sites about this new Gmail feature rolling out by 2016 has started passing from one site to another. One of the sites that reported on this information is Tech Crunch. According to them, Google might be adding a new feature that will warn users if their emails has arrived over an unencrypted connection.

And they were not wrong, as another security feature has been officially rolled out by the tech giant for its Gmail platform, reports NDTV. This week, Google has announced that Gmail will now warn its users if an email arrives that don’t support the Transport Layer Security or TLS encryption. The TLS is used to ensure a connection is secure before exchanging data server ad client.

Email providers that don’t support TLS will be flagged and a red broken lock icon will be seen at the top right corner of the mail. If a user tries to click it, a dialogue box will appear with a message that says that if the mail which the user is sending includes some sensitive information, they might want to advise the receiver to use a different email provider that supports TLS encryption.

Meanwhile, if the user receives a message that can’t be verified, the user will see a question mark in place of the sender’s profile photo, corporate logo, or avatar. BGR also reports that according to Google, there has been an increase in the number of searches about security.  With that in mind, they have added the latest security measure to Gmail and are now asking its users to update their security settings.

It was stated in the multinational tech company blog written by Product Manager John Rae-Grant that not all emails will be dangerous. However, they encourage every user to be extra careful who they reply to or when clicking on links included in the email messages that they aren’t sure about.

The California tech firm has rolled out the new security support as a part of the Safer Internet Day 2016 event. Also part of its effort for the said day is encouraging its users to do a simple security check up on their accounts. If completed within Feb. 17, the user will be given 2GB free permanent Google Drive storage as a sign of gratitude.

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