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Gmail Chat, Google Hangouts, and Google Spreadsheets Suffer Outage

Gmail Chat, Google Hangouts, and Google Spreadsheets Suffer Outage


Gmail Chat, Google Hangouts, and Google Spreadsheets Suffer Outage

Users of several services of Google have experienced a bad start for the week. That is because, as the company put it, ‘messaging is having a case of the Mondays.’ Real-time chat services like Hangouts in Google+ and Gmail suffered an outage today.

Initially, the downtime was fairly widespread. You may have noticed that Gmail chat notified you that it did not receive your chat message when you used the service earlier today. In some cases, the chat box simply failed to show up.

In Google+, a loading animation appeared while some users were trying earlier to use it. That image conveyed the message that opening the service is ‘taking longer than usual.’ Meanwhile, on mobile, there have been authentication errors that are appearing as users try to sign into the service.

Google Drive problem 

The Google Spreadsheets also went into an outage. Many of its users have already reported experiencing trouble accessing existing spreadsheets. Logically, they also reported not being able to create new ones. However, other formats of Google docs seemed to be unaffected by the problem.

As of press time, the Docs Spreadsheets seem to be back to normal operations. Some of those who reported difficulty using it today have already reported resolution to the problem.

For quite a while earlier today, many users of the service had been in panic over the problem. A few of them thought something was wrong with their Internet connection. Others thought their accounts were compromised, while some thought their Gmail accounts have been suspended.

Google resolves

After a few hours of outage, Google finally broke its silence. It indirectly admitted the occurrence of a problem that affected the mentioned online services. As expected, it primarily used its Apps Status Dashboard to update users about the problem and its initial measures for resolution.

Of course, Google also used its own official Twitter account to provide explanation to its affected users. In a tweet, the company acknowledged the problem and then gave assurance that it has started working to resolve the issue. It also advised its users to constantly check out its Apps Status Dashboard.

As of 11:23 PT, Gmail chat and Hangouts appeared to be functioning properly again. This came a few hours following the widespread outage. Such a problem is not odd for Internet firms like Google. Once in a while, its online services experience occasional temporary downtime that affects many users worldwide.

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