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Gmail For Android Updated; Now Supports Microsoft Exchange Accounts

Gmail For Android Updated; Now Supports Microsoft Exchange Accounts
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Gmail For Android Updated; Now Supports Microsoft Exchange Accounts

Google has finally brought a Nexus-only feature to all the Android phones. The Gmail for Android has now been updated and support for Microsoft Exchange accounts has been added. If you are already planning to jump into the Play Store to download the update, wait! The update is not live for everyone yet.

Google has confirmed that the Gmail For Android update will be available in the Play Store in a few days with no specific date. As you update the app, you will get a dedicated option for Exchange in the list. With this new option, you will now be able to keep your personal and professional emails separate. Google via its official Twitter account for Gmail announced the news,

Though Gmail for Android will bring Microsoft Exchange support to all the non-Nexus devices, there is now news about the app being updated for iOS to bring Exchange support. As The Verge puts it, “Google still restricts iPhone owners to Gmail accounts,” so whether iPhone owners will get this update and the feature is still a mystery.

Google is working on improving Gmail and every app that works along with the emailing app. Recently, the company also announced an update for Inbox by Gmail where three new features were introduced: streamlined events, glanceable newsletters and saved links. People today use Gmail even to maintain professional emails. Understanding the need for the hour, Google now is making sure that the users get everything they are looking for on one platform reducing the chances of Gmail users being diverted to any other email service. Microsoft Outlook is one of the biggest competitors of Google when it comes to maintaining professional emails as many companies still prefer Outlook over Gmail. To gain new and retain existing users, Gmail will keep on introducing new changes to the service.

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