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Gmail Android App Hits 1 Billion Installation Mark

Gmail Android App Hits 1 Billion Installation Mark


Gmail Android App Hits 1 Billion Installation Mark

Gmail Android App Hits 1 Billion Installation MarkGmail is celebrating a new milestone. It has breached the one billion installation mark. In the app world, that can be considered as a big achievement. This only indicates the huge popularity of the Gmail Android app.

Sundar Pichai, Android’s head, made this announcement through a recent post at Google+. In his own words, Mr. Pichai simply said that the Android app for Gmail has officially crossed the elusive one-billionth installation mark.

He noted that the figure he released only accounted installations and excluded updates. Thus, Gmail Android app did not account for the upgrades to this new iteration. This way, it did not double or triple the number of users.

It was also reiterated that the new Google figures didn’t include installations of Gmail for iOS. Logically, the overall installation base of Gmail apps is definitely higher than a billion for quite some time already.

A different milestone

According to analysts, only a handful of apps have already crossed and exceeded the billion installation mark. One of those is the set of games of Angry Birds, which collectively hit one billion downloads two years ago. But it should be noted that there is no single app that has done it by itself until Gmail for Android did it.

But it should also be noted that Gmail Android app has enjoyed the unfair advantage of being pre-installed on several Android devices. In comparison, other apps that are automatically installed on Android phones like Google+, YouTube, and Chrome are yet to reach a billion mark. That could be due to the ever changing configurations of the default apps that has been enjoyed by Android over the years.

Constant Android feature

Gmail has always been a constant feature in Android ever since Google’s mobile operating system debuted in 2008. Right now, it remains as one of the basic features that are counted on and are expected with the OS.

But still, despite this milestone, some skeptics don’t run out of questions to ask. How many of those billion Gmail downloads are representing unique and active users? How many of those are set to get the reported and anticipated new Gmail design, which is expected to be launched by Google soon? Are you using Gmail Android app now? You could soon find the answers to these questions.

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