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Gmail Android App Gets Rich Text Formatting & Instant RSVPs

Gmail Android App Gets Rich Text Formatting & Instant RSVPs
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Gmail Android App Gets Rich Text Formatting & Instant RSVPs

Gmail will be updated again! Just weeks ago, we reported on the new update that the search giant has for its emailing services. The previous rollout includes adding another security feature where the email service can now warn users if it is not secure and isn’t Transport Layer Security or TLS encryption supported.

This ensures user that whatever email they receive; the emailing service has already checked if it is secure. Although it is not fool proof, at least users can feel at ease that it was somewhat checked first before it was delivered to their inboxes. But now, Google is adding support for Rich Text Formatting options plus a quicker way to respond to calendar invites, reports Android Central.

Having rich text formatting means that a user can now add text that are inn italic, bold, underlined, highlighted and colored to their emails to give it more “character” and be more noticeable. These options will enable user to emphasize certain areas or details that are more important than the rest of the message, reports GSM Arena.

Meanwhile, the second feature, according to The Verge, allows user to quickly RSVP to calendar invitations. Calendar invites from Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange will show a one tap option for responding and viewing the user’s schedule on the requested time slot. This means there is no more need for opening up separate apps just to see if they can squeeze in a meeting or not.

Gmail said in its blog post that more than two-thirds of its users check their emails through their phones. So having a really mind-blowing mobile experience is important. That is the reason it is introducing these new Android features to help its users manage their inbox on the go. The said features for the email app are set to be rolling out on the next Gmail update that will be made available sometime today from the Google Play Store.

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