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Global Sales of Android Tablet Exceeds Sales of iPad in 2013

Global Sales of Android Tablet Exceeds Sales of iPad in 2013


Global Sales of Android Tablet Exceeds Sales of iPad in 2013

Apple Inc’s iPad already ended its reign in the global tablet market in 2013. This is according to latest data released by Gartner. The IT research and advisory company revealed that Google’s Android operating has finally outsold the iOS tablets last year.

Sales of Android slates in the entire 2013 accounted for about 61.9% of total global sales of slates. That translated to around 121 million units of Android tablets that were actually sold in the period. Overall, there were more than 195.4 million tablet PCs that were sold within the year. That number rose up to 68% compared to the 116.3 million units that changed hands in 2012.

Market share and sales performance of Apple’s iPad

From the same data, it was disclosed that about 70.4 million units of iPads were sold last year. That number translates to about 36% of the tablet market around the world. On the upside, the sales figure reflected a healthy increase in annual sales. Apple sold 61.5 million iPads in 2012. That same year, iPad’s lead over Android tablets was reduced to just 16.8%. In 2013, Android was able to takeover and exceed Apple tablet sales.

Ironically, Apple was the one that created the current market for consumer tablets when it launched its first iPad in April 2010. For about three years after that launch, Apple’s tablet had remained a strong market leader until Android started gaining considerable ground in 2012.

Analysts from Gartner reiterated that tablets became one of the mainstream phenomenon in 2013. In 2014, they expect the strong Android market to remain highly commoditized. Thus, vendors would be able to focus more on device experience as well as value for technology and new ecosystem.

Still top tablet manufacturer in the world

However, Apple was able to retain its leadership as the top individual vendor of popular consumer tablets. It sold 70.4 million iPads in 2013, reflecting a 36% pie in the overall market. It should be noted that Android is present in several tablets from different manufacturers.

After Apple, Samsung was the second most popular tablet brand after it sold 37.4 million of its tablets in 2013. That represents a 19.1% global market share. Asus was at the third spot after it sold 11 million units, equivalent to 5.6% market share. Other manufacturers in the top list were Amazon and Lenovo.

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