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Global Airlines Up The Oomph In Their Safety Videos

Global Airlines Up The Oomph In Their Safety Videos
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Global Airlines Up The Oomph In Their Safety Videos

Apart from what they are really intended for, safety videos of global airlines have become a source of entertainment and amusement for frequent fliers.

Airlines such as Virgin America, Delta, Air New Zealand, Air France and Icelandair, among others, aside from fighting for passengers to fill-up their flight seats, have also resorted to certain gimmicks to fight for the attention of their fliers once onboard the aircraft.

From the boring litany of safety features rattled off by flight attendants from long ago, airlines now produce slick, savvy and even sexy inflight safety videos to make sure the passengers listen.

The safety video of Virgin America features a dance number:

Thomson Airways uses cute kids:

Air NZ uses the Hobbit theme, earning its safety features video the title “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made:”

Air France’s features attractive women and a hip soundtrack:

Icelandair’s safety video has the Northern Lights, as well as breath taking lakes and mountains:

Why resort to such gimmickry? Nathan Stower, chief executive of the British Air Transport Association, said airlines just wanted to make sure its fliers pay attention.

“This is genuinely about coming up with interesting ways to keep people focused on the message.”

But apart from the visuals, are they really effective? Chris Lynch, head of global aviation at PA Consulting, said they are.

Quoted by The Telegraph, he said the materials “provide familiarization with the equipment” which is what must really be imparted to the passengers in the event something goes wrong.

“If you look at the science of memory, things that are extreme, amusing or bizarre are more easily recalled. So it could be seen by some as flippant, but if it is engaging then it is doing its job.”

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