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Glass-less 3D Displays Coming To iPhones Soon?

Glass-less 3D Displays Coming To iPhones Soon?


Glass-less 3D Displays Coming To iPhones Soon?

Glass-less 3D Displays Coming To iPhones Soon?Apple is a company known for its cutting edge ideas and this latest rumor about the Cupertino Company’s plan of applying some sort of three-dimensional display system without the need for any special eyewear to its next generation of iPhones and other iDevices may prove that Apple is still in the forefront of technological innovation.

The report comes from Economic Daily News which says Apple is doing the 3D research with its longstanding supplier TPK to make the feature a reality.  The murmuring started when report mentioned that TPK is trying to raise $3 Billion in fresh funds to cover Apple’s imminent orders. TPK has been supplying Apple with touch modules which the latter uses for its touch devices like the iPhones and iPads.

The current slew of iPhones use in-touch cell display technology which the publication says is not compatible with the new three dimensional system Apple wants. Thus, Apple is presently developing a new 3D software and hardware tandem that will bring what some quarters call holographic image projection to the masses.

Apple has been dabbling with 3D holographic technology for the longest time and last September, the firm was awarded a patent called interactive holographic display device, describing ways to interact with 3D holograms projected using new advance touch screen displays which could be incorporated in future iDevices. Further adding fuel to the 3D fire, Apple has acquired Israeli Chipmaker PrimeSense last year for a whopping $345 million.  It should be noted that PrimeSense made the 3D sensors for Microsoft’s 1st-gen Kinect.

Apple is not the only company who wants to deliver a 3D experience to users and in fact, Amazon recently made their own version of the 3D glass-less system via the Fire Phone, which, unfortunate for Amazon, really didn’t fly off the shelves.

Apple, on the other hand, might bring a user experience extremely different from the failed Fire Phone; one that involves never before seen technologies that the fruit company is currently perfecting as the rumors suggest. These latest murmurings about 3D hologram technology and the latest patent granted to Apple do not give users the assurance that something or anything new will come forth from the secretive company but knowing Apple’s penchant for perfection, users can always expect something great as Apple will not unleash a half-baked device.

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