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GLAAD Supports #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, More LGBT Films

GLAAD Supports #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, More LGBT Films


GLAAD Supports #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, More LGBT Films

#GiveElsaAGirlfriend is trending on Twitter. This is how thirsty viewers are for more LGBT characters on movies and tv shows.

The new GLAAD reports say that the LGBT characters are featured less than expected. Out of the top 126 major films, only 22 among them have LGBT characters. The few that make it to the big screen are merely token characters. GLAAD reported that the film industries have to embrace many new stories if they have to remain relevant and competitive.

The big budget film industry is still a lot more steeped into the mire of the past while the independent cinema have started talking more about LGBT representation. LGBT films also did not fare much during 2015. ‘Out of the 47 LGBT characters who appeared in mainstream releases in 2015, all but 13 were Caucasian,’ reports The Daily Beast.

Hollywood also stalled in its presentation of non-white LGBT characters. Disney had also failed as per GLAAD according to the report card.

The fans of “Frozen” want Disney to make Queen Elsa a lesbian. The Disney movie has been more progressive than any Disney movies out there, because for the first time, the protagonist did not end up with a guy and a “happily ever after.” Love is also featured as sisterly love, instead of a “love at first sight.” At one point, fans were even able to catch a glimpse of a gay guy with his family on the movie!

Making Elsa a lesbian is quite natural, Twitter users said.  Hence their rally for an LGBT plot. Two queens ruling Arendelle, why not?

Hollywood Reporter also reports there is no studio as per GLAAD with a good rating. On the other hand, “the LGBT characters in Lionsgate had 33 per cent LGBT in films while other companies like the Universal and the Sony represented only 19 per cent.”

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