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Girls On The Negatives Mystery Update: Photographer Getting More Leads

Girls On The Negatives Mystery Update: Photographer Getting More Leads
Photo Carli Jean / Unsplash


Girls On The Negatives Mystery Update: Photographer Getting More Leads

The world has jumped on the whole #‎FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives mystery. Photographer Meagan Abell said she now has multiple leads with names of the mystery girls. She said the leads “look fairly promising” and she continues to pursue them. Nevertheless, Abell is encouraging anyone who has more information to contact her.

#‎FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives mystery

On June 11, Abell stumbled upon a box of film negatives of old photographs at a local thrift store in Richmond, Va. She brought her findings home and scanned them. The result were beautiful photos of three women taken in the 40’s in yet to be identified locations.

Posted by Meagan ‘Irene’ Abell on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mesmerized by the vintage snaps, Abell posted them on Facebook and asked the Internet to track the photographer of the photos and if possible the very women in them. At this time, the only clue she has was that the negatives were from the Heritage Antiques in Midlothian.

The mystery of the girls has since taken the world by storm. The story was featured in major news outlet across the world.

“I never expected this thing to reach farther than Richmond, and MAYBE Virginia, and here it is making its way around the world. I don’t really have the words to express how I’m feeling about it currently, other than my mouth just kind of gaping open like a fish out of water,” Abell said.

The search for mystery women continues

Posted by Meagan ‘Irene’ Abell on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

So I have a set of negatives that I magically found in a huge bin. Now I’ve seen plenty of vintage prints, but never a…

Posted by Meagan ‘Irene’ Abell on Friday, July 24, 2015

Here are the developments so far:

The photos were actually from a type of film that produced transparencies and not negatives. But since the hashtag #‎FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives is now viral, Abell is sticking with this.

The majority of the people who saw the photos said that the location is Playa Del Ray in California. A source sent Abell photos of Dockweiller Beach and so far this is the closest lead.

The timeline of the photos is anywhere between the late 40’s to late 60’s. But most people believe the timeline to be in the late 1950’s. More photos from a different set of transparencies were scanned and Abell will be posting them the soonest.

As for those asking if she is selling prints, Abell said no.

“While I would love to be able to offer them at some point, the most important thing right now is to track down the photographer/models. First, because this isn’t something I am in for a profit. As a photographer and artist myself, I understand and I’m very adamant about giving credit where credit is due,” Abell said.


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