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Girl On The Train Review: Boring, May Not Be Worth It

Girl On The Train Review: Boring, May Not Be Worth It
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Girl On The Train Review: Boring, May Not Be Worth It

“Girl On The Train” is set to hit theaters on Tuesday. It is the adaptation of the Paula Hawkins’s best-selling novel from 2015.

The film by Tate Taylor stars Emily Blunt in the lead role as Rachel. Her life seems to have hit a low after her divorce with Tom (Justin Theroux).

Rachel has immersed herself into drinking and lost her PR job. Her husband cheated on her with Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) with whom he has an adorable baby.

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Rachel hates that fact that she could not get pregnant, which was the cause of her split with Tom. “She has rages and blackouts, and in a pathetic state of denial rides the suburban commuter train into Manhattan,” Guardian writes.

“Girl On The Train” reminds us of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window,” his masterpiece from 1954. The theme of the thriller film revolves around loneliness and voyeurism.

“Girl On The Train” is set in the affluent New York City, while the novel was set in London. Rachel is obsessed and takes a ride in the train every day. But this is not all, she witness scenes from the train window of a seemingly perfect couple.

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The couple in question is Megan and Scott, played by Haley Bennett and Luke Evans. Rachel fantasizes about them having sex.

In the 112 minutes film “Girl On The Train,” Megan goes missing, shortly after Rachel has seen her with another man, Daily Mail reports. Does Rachel have had something to do with Megan’s disappearance?

The Taylor film goes back and forth in time which leaves the audience slightly confused. In the complete film Emily Blunt does a good job with her acting.

But, in spite of giving it her best, the role does not seem to do justice to her character. “Girl On The Train” will hit theaters in the UK on Oct.5 and in the U.S. on Oct 7.

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