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This Girl Scout Just Saved A Young Boy From Drowning

This Girl Scout Just Saved A Young Boy From Drowning
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This Girl Scout Just Saved A Young Boy From Drowning

Girl scout Kylin Bain found herself responding beyond the call of duty last October while she was spending time with her family at Port Arthur.

It did not take long for 10-year-old Kylin to realize that someone was in trouble. There was a younger child who ended up going towards the deep end of the pool. And now, he looked like he was struggling to stay afloat.

“He kept going under,” Kylin told San Antonio Express-News in an interview. The fourth grader from St. Monica Catholic School watched in horror as the boy’s grandmother screamed for help. That’s when Kylin decided she had to do something.

Bain had never taken swimming lessons. She has no background in lifesaving either. But at that moment, she knew she had to jump into the water. “I slapped down my phone and I dived in and I pulled him until he could stand up,” Kylin recalled. However, the younger boy was frightened and had started to panic.

“He was kind of grabbing me and trying to sink me in (the water) because he was scared,” Kylin said. Getting the boy out of trouble proved to be a little harder than Kylin had expected but she still managed to do it. “He was holding on to my waist and I had to go under water and swim,” she explained.

While Kylin continued with her rescue attempt, her mom, Felicia, recalled everyone else was simply in shock. ” I’m like, ‘She can’t swim.’ It definitely shows you how somebody can drown in a split-second because we were just kind of standing there with our mouths open,” Felicia said. Meanwhile, Kylin’s scout troop leader Angela Roundtree was also surprised when she heard about what happened. “Her mother had said Kylin is not a good swimmer,” Roundtree explained. Nonetheless, she is very proud of Kylin’s actions.

Kylin will be honored for her actions.

In fact, her Girl Scout Troop 1318 in Schertz is so proud of what Kylin has done that they are planning to honor her soon. Her bravery will be recognized during a ceremony in May. At the same time, she will also be receiving the Lifesaving Bronze Cross from the Girl Scouts of the USA. This award is only given to scouts who saved or attempted to save someone else’s life while putting their own lives on the line.

At the same time, Kylin’s parents believe it’s time to sign up their daughter for swimming lessons after what had happened.

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