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Girl Isolated Due To Disease Gets The ‘Great Gatsby’ Prom Of Her Life

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Girl Isolated Due To Disease Gets The ‘Great Gatsby’ Prom Of Her Life

Mount Pleasant resident Corrinne Bass may have to stay in isolation because of her disease. But that did not stop her from having the prom of her life.

Right before her junior year, Bass had been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. Because of her condition, her bone marrow could not produce enough blood cells. At first, doctors decided to give her medication. However, just 10 days after she started her senior year, Bass went into relapse. At that point, going to school was no longer an option.

Instead, Bass ended up spending the next three months in the hospital. She underwent chemotherapy treatments. She also ended up spending a great deal of time in isolation. Doctors soon determined that what Bass really needs is a bone marrow transplant. And because of this procedure, Bass was unable to go to her prom.

According to a report from Fox 17, Bass had been recovering from her bone marrow transplant and could not return to school yet. She had been staying at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Grand Rapids and has resigned to missing out on high school life. However, her teacher at the hospital strived to give her a sense of normalcy. She consulted with Bass’ doctor and asked if she could have a prom.

Bass’ prom was complete with a classic Cadillac limo.

This is how Bass came to have her very own prom at the hospital. The 18-year-old picked out the theme herself and chose “The Great Gatsby.” Due her compromised immune system though, the guest list had to be kept short. Nonethelss, it included a number of her caregivers who also dressed up for the special event. And to complete the theme, the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners even provided a 1949 Cadillac limo. The classic car even came with a chauffeur.

During the prom, Bass spent some time dancing and toasting with all of the attendees.  ” oday was amazing. I think that they went beyond my expectations of what I thought it was going to be,” she remarked.  Finally, Bass had her perfect prom and she didn’t have to leave the hospital to attend it!

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