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Girl For Pregnant Kate Middleton If Old Wives’ Tale Is True

Girl For Pregnant Kate Middleton If Old Wives’ Tale Is True
Image from unspalsh by Mario Calvo


Girl For Pregnant Kate Middleton If Old Wives’ Tale Is True

Image from Unsplash by Mario Calvo

Image from Unsplash by Mario Calvo

Pregnant Kate Middleton said she is having a baby girl. That is, if the old wives’ tale of craving for sweets means a pregnant woman is going to have a daughter is true.

The Duchess of Cambridge joked she is sure she will be having a girl because she has uncontrollably craved for sweets.

Sticky Fruit Loaves from Amner Hall

The Duchess has particularly developed a craving for sticky fruit loaves from Norfolk home, Amner Hall.

Locals were saying they have spotted Prince William and Middleton personally buying treats from the Humble Pie bakery in Burnham Market, Mail Online reported. Pregnant Middleton’s personal favorite is the Wicked Chocolate Biscuit Cake, which she has been buying from the bakery even without Prince William’s company.

“Kate has popped into the store on her own and with William. She loves the cakes and says they are delicious,” a local told Mail Online.

According to an unnamed source, pregnant Middleton “just cannot get enough of naughty treats,” especially now that she is nearing her due date. She even bakes with Prince George.

“She’s has become a domestic goddess. She loves baking with George,” the source said.

Meanwhile, British punters are also wishing for a princess. Eighty percent were betting for a girl over a boy, Australian magazine Woman’s Day reported. A top bet for her name is Alice, while others bet for Elizabeth, Charlotte, Victoria, Alexandra, Diana, Catherine/Kate and Mary.


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