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‘Gintama’ Live Action Cast Announced! Cannes Winner To Portray Shinsengumi

‘Gintama’ Live Action Cast Announced! Cannes Winner To Portray Shinsengumi
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‘Gintama’ Live Action Cast Announced! Cannes Winner To Portray Shinsengumi

Fans of the samurai with the “naturally wavy hair” are in for a treat. The cast of the live-action adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi’s manga Gintama has been announced on Thursday.

It was announced earlier that Shun Oguri is set to star as lead character Gintoki Sakata. Joining him is Masaki Suda, who will portray the role of Shinpachi Shimura, his sidekick.

The strong kickass women of the manga will be portrayed by Kanna Hashimoto (Kagura) and Masami Nagasawa (Tae Shimura). Supporting cast will be Masaki Okada as Kotaro Katsura, Yuuya Yagira as Toshiro Hijikata, and Ryo Yoshizawa as Sougo Okita.

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The film is slated to release in Japan in 2017. Gintama is set in a parallel-universe where alien species called Amanto have invaded the planet. In Japan, a samurai named Gintoki sets off in one misadventure to another, along with a cast of wacky characters.

The director of the live-action adaptation is Yūichi Fukuda, known for comedies such as HK Hentai Kamen (2013). Yuuya Yagira, it should be noted, won the Cannes for Best Actor for his portrayal as a responsible brother in the drama film “Nobody Knows.”

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