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Gina Rodriguez Shares Insulting Dating Experience

Gina Rodriguez Shares Insulting Dating Experience
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Gina Rodriguez Shares Insulting Dating Experience

Gina Rodriguez, the famous “Jane the Virgin,” shared one of the most memorable dating experiences she had — and it’s not a good one! In fact, it’s downright insulting and an utter turn off.

Rodriguez, who is also famous for her role as Majo Tonorio in the musical drama movie “Filly Brown,” candidly shared a bad date to Us Weekly. Based on her story, the guy cannot stop himself from bragging about money and his capacity to treat Rodriguez, which was insulting.

“My worst dating experience is this guy; he took me to this restaurant and he talked in a boastful manner about how much money he had and how he was paying for our dinner,” Rodriguez said. “All I wanted to do was say, ‘I could pay for dinner, dude.’ Like, you can’t buy me!” she said.

However, Rodriguez had her fair share of great dates – which did not necessarily mean expensive. The star also said that one of her best dates was a simple, romantic date that did not cost more than $5. They did not even do anything fancy.

“A few years ago I had the best first date with a man,” she shared. “The guy took me to the Santa Monica hills and brought his computer and he brought milk and cookies. Both of us watched a movie overlooking the ocean, and it was really awesome, and it probably cost him $3.25,” she said.

Rodriguez, it seems, is not all impressed by shallow things like money. A lot of this probably came from her father’s teachings. As stated by Yahoo, whenever the actress encountered challenges in her personal life and acting career, she has always depended on what her father taught her — to be tough but not to others; to compete with no one else but herself so she can be the best that she can be.

“In boxing, I’ve exchanged spit, sweat, and blood to another person. But the toughest enemy you have in the ring and in life, is yourself,” she shared.

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