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‘Gilmore Girls’ Reboot Air Date & Spoilers: Rory To Deal With All Ex-Boyfriends

‘Gilmore Girls’ Reboot Air Date & Spoilers: Rory To Deal With All Ex-Boyfriends
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‘Gilmore Girls’ Reboot Air Date & Spoilers: Rory To Deal With All Ex-Boyfriends

As the “Gilmore Girls” reboot has finally dropped a release date, fans might have already been wondering now about the plot that they can expect from the show.

Based on the latest update of the drama-comedy TV series on Netflix, which will be known as “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” Nov. 25 has already is its official airing schedule.

What could be the changes that every fan must look forward to? Where would the reboot take off?

According to Pop Sugar, the “Gilmore Girls” reboot will see the return of the all the boyfriends of Rory Gilmore (portrayed by Alexis Bledel “in one way or another,” as disclosed by the actress during the Summer TCA.

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When asked about who among her leading men she would end up with, the actress had this to say, “I think people’s questions are answered by the end of it.”

With the demise of Edward Herrmann, Rory’s grandfather Richard Gilmore, who passed away two years ago, Lauren Graham (who is Lorelei Gilmore in the show) shared how her love life would run in the upcoming “Gilmore Girls” reboot.

She admitted that she will always feel “a great loss” when it comes to losing the actor and recovery will surely play a thing in the plot of the upcoming episodes.

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“And that gave the show a depth and emotional complexity, which again to me felt like, ‘Here’s the show grown up even more.’ And I mention that because it plays into all the choices the characters are making, and sort of what they’re dealing with, in a new way,” she explained. “So through dealing with that, she makes some decisions.”

In the meantime, Yanic Truesdale told Us Weekly that the backstory of his character, Michel Gerard, will finally be revealed.

He pointed out that fans will discover more about the French concierge.

Keep posted for more “Gilmore Girls” reboot spoilers and updates.

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