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Getty Images Offers Its Photos for Free Via New Embedded Viewer Tool

Getty Images Offers Its Photos for Free Via New Embedded Viewer Tool


Getty Images Offers Its Photos for Free Via New Embedded Viewer Tool

Getty Images is finally allowing online users to access its huge library of photos for free. This means that the professional photo catalogue is making its over 35 million images available to anyone without any charge. However, the company emphasized that the free access would be restricted to non-commercial use only.

The new Embedded Viewer tool would enable online users to search for as well as share Getty photos on blogs, online sites, and the social media. To use the service, simply look for any stock image of your choice, click on its embed icon on the search results provided or the image detail page. From there, it would be possible to copy the embed code.

That image could then be pasted into the source code of any Website. It could be formatted accordingly before it is published appropriately. It is that easy to find and use a polished snapshot so any user could further spice up any personal site or Facebook post.

Restricted to editorial use

Getty Images reiterated that the free tool is intended only for editorial use. The images from its library could be grabbed and used for free only if those would be used to convey newsworthy events or matters of public interest. It also clarified that not all content on Getty Images would be available and would be embedded.

Users would be strictly prohibited from possibly sharing those images for commercial purposes like for promotions, advertising, and merchandising. The photos should not be used to suggest any form of sponsorship. Getty Images hinted that it would be very strict on this provision.

Other restrictions

There are several other restrictions that Getty Images has set as it makes numerous of its photos accessible for free to the public. The company also does not like its photos to be used for pornographic, defamatory, or unlawful ways.

Getty Images also reminds everyone that it shall reserve the right for removing or adding images from its Embedded Viewer anytime. It also wants to have freedom in collecting data especially about the usage of this important tool. Of course, it has the full say in deliberating the use of the content shared to it.

For many years now, companies like Getty Images have been trying to totally rip-off creation from traditional use of PCs (for example). Now, the company is including photographer attribution into embedded images from the service.

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