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Get Ready For The Opening Of The World’s First Official Nutella Cafe

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Get Ready For The Opening Of The World’s First Official Nutella Cafe

Yes, it is happening. There will be an official Nutella Cafe in Chicago’s Millenium Park soon.

For the first time, Nutella makers Ferrero will be entering the food service industry with its first owned and operated Nutella Cafe right in the heart of Chicago. The place promises to be an amazing “neighborhood lunch spot” while of course, offering diners something decadent and sweet.

For several years now, Nutella has been a favorite chocolate hazelnut spread among children and adults all over the world. People enjoy it both as a snack and part of the meal and today, Ferrero wants to enrich everyone’s Nutella experience. “We wanted to create a world of Nutella for our fans that could truly capture the essence of the brand – not just in the dishes that will be served, but in the full experience from the moment you step into the space,” Nutella North America Head of Marketing Noah Szporn explained in a recent statement.

The Nutella Cafe will become the first restaurant that is ever operated and owned by Ferrero. Because of this, it promises a Nutella experience to fans unlike any other. “The Nutella Cafe offers something for everybody, and we encourage everyone to come in and try a dish or snack. We hope Nutella enthusiasts, Chicagoans and visitors enjoy the cafe as much as we enjoyed creating it,” Szporn added.

Nutella Cafe menu will offer both savory and sweet treats.

Some exclusive items on the Nutella Cafe menu include a number of Italian specialties such as the “Panzanella” fruit salad. There will also be some Gelato Affogato, which is a Fior di Latte with a Nutella topping. Aside from this, diners can also enjoy some grilled baguettes with Nutella and fresh-roasted hazelnut and blueberry granola with yogurt and Nutella. And in case you are looking for something savory, there are also a number of salads, paninis and other unique specialties available. There will also be some to-go options so that you can still enjoy a tasty Nutella creation even if you’re in a rush.

The Nutella Cafe will hold its grand opening at 151 North Michigan Avenue on May 31. The first 400 visitors will receive one free select menu item and a chance to win other special prices. Don’t miss it, doors will open at 10 AM.

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