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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Laurel, Frank, Wes Love Triangle – Report

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Laurel, Frank, Wes Love Triangle – Report
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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Laurel, Frank, Wes Love Triangle – Report

Things are about to get a lot more complicated for Laurel when “How To Get Away With Murder” returns with its third season. Laurel may have to make a big decision when it comes to her love life!

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Update

“How To Get Away With Murder” always focused on tracing the personal growth of its characters, and season 2 was no different. When Wes’s world came crashing down with the discovery of his real father’s identity, he sought comfort in the arms of the only one who helped him uncover the truth – Laurel.

This led to the unlikeliest hookup. The Laurel-Wes friendship-turned-romance was as awkward, since it was a natural, spur of the moment thing. Even though most viewers winced at the decision to get the two romantically involved, Pete Nowalk, executive producer of the show, defended their relationship in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

I see why people can have violent reactions, because they’re like, “But they’re not romantic!” But in life, that happens all the time. Believe me, I’ve had friends get together that I’m like, “What? No! You’re like brothers! You’re like gay friends, and then you’re suddenly having sex!” I get the reactions people have, but I think it’s real, especially with the circumstances our characters are under; how much stress they’re under, they’ll look to each other in intimate ways.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers

Witnessing the death of his father has to be emotionally devastating for Wes, and it would not be totally unexpected if Wes clings to Laurel in the upcoming season. But what does that mean for Laurel and Frank?

“She’s definitely the type to be concerned about him. She went to his apartment because she still has love for him. She feels like she shouldn’t love him, but head versus heart. She still ended up going to his apartment. The look on her face when she found out he left was one of sadness and concern. He’s definitely going to be very present on her mind,” said Pete.

Frank did bail after Annalise found that it was due to him she had lost her baby 10 years ago. Will he ever come back and work for Annalise again?

“There’s a very good option that he’s gone for good — that he fled to South America and will hide away from Annalise forever. That bag has a lot of money and he hasn’t touched it this whole time. He’s been atoning for that sin for these past ten years without Annalise even knowing it. Or, he’s going to try to win her love back. Those are just two options,” said Pete in an interview with Variety.

It is possible to conceive a kind of love triangle forming among Laurel, Frank and Wes in season 3. There looms a possibility of Laurel getting closer to Wes again, since they both suffered major losses in season 2. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic between the two progress, if Frank returns in the mix.

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