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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Bonnie Reportedly Kills Frank

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Bonnie Reportedly Kills Frank
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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Bonnie Reportedly Kills Frank

There was a lot of love lost between Annalise and Frank in “How To Get Away With Murder” season 2 finale after she finds out that Frank is to blame for her miscarriage. So will Annalise order Bonnie to kill Frank next season?

‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Season 3

Even though Frank was indispensable for Annalise, there was a lot she did not know about his past, which had grave consequences on her life, too. The biggest of them all was, of course, the fact that it was Frank’s fault her unborn child died 10 years ago. Then there was the fact that it was Frank who killed Lila that night, when Annalise was always under the impression Sam was the killer.

After finding out these shocking truths, Annalise tells Bonnie that Frank has to go, which sounded more of an order than anything else. So does it mean she wants Bonnie to kill Frank for good in season 3? In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, this is what Charlie Weber, who plays Frank on the show, had to say about the matter:

I think part of her, in that knee-jerk reaction: “She probably would want me dead.” Being responsible for that and her learning that, she’s already upset about the Lila thing, it’s a lot. It’s up to one’s own interpretation, but clearly this is not okay, and there’s going to be some stuff.

The season 2 finale came to an end with Wes finding out that Wallace Mahoney was his dad, so he goes to confront him, only to have the latter shot to death in front of his eyes. Is Frank responsible for Mahoney’s death, too?

“It would certainly fit the story, but again I have no idea who pulled that trigger — or why. Wallace was a powerful man with a lot of enemies, and Frank is certainly one of them,” Weber mentioned in a different interview with TV Line.

So will viewers see Frank redeeming himself and trying to get back on Annalise’s good side again? Or is he too far gone to get redemption?

“It started that he would do anything for Annalise, but the way he lost himself, he never came back from that. There is a piece missing, and there is this moral ambiguity about him… Is he a good guy? I wouldn’t say so, but he wants to be a good guy for Annalise — and that makes him a bad guy for the rest of the world,” said Weber.

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