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Gesture-Based Wearable Gadget for Controlling Devices

Gesture-Based Wearable Gadget for Controlling Devices


Gesture-Based Wearable Gadget for Controlling Devices

The innovative gesture-based transmitter, Fin that could be worn on the thumb can now understand your gestures. You would control the devices using taps and swipes of your fingers only.

Some examples of the devices that can be controlled are smart TVs, smart-phones, and car radios. This gadget can communicate with these devices through Bluetooth. Fin provides its users with the five preprogrammed gestures that would control the devices. Manual gestures could also be included in the app that is integrated with the device.

Fin will dwindle the tiresome efforts of controlling the devices manually as people seem to be wasting quite a lot of time in figuring out various actions in their devices that they want to control. Fin allows its users to make their life simple by controlling the devices in a very convenient manner.

This innovative gadget is quite handy in changing the volume of the smart TV or controlling your phone for dialing a specific contact or even texting without even touching the mobile phone. The main purpose behind launching this gadget is to help the people who have weak or impaired vision. This App will allow them to communicate with others with the help of gestures

The battery of Fin can go as long as one day if run in the power-saving mode. It is used for 8 hours a day at maximum. This app is going to be launched in September this year that would be retailed for around $120. The creators of the gadget have decided to release its kit for software
development so that the developers can generate their own though Apps for Fin. Fin is available in five different colors.

Nattukallingal with his group is planning to raise around $100,000 in terms of flexible funding on the site of crowd-funding Indiegogo. They have planned to get the funds even if they don’t achieve their destinations. This campaign has proved to be quite useful so far. Still 21 days
are remaining in this campaign, and it has generated $15,000.

This device has been launched by an Indian IT-startup. It reduces the communication gap between people and their devices, making the life simple and easy. No push button, no manual frequency tweaks and Fin is gesture smart to get what you want based on your body movements and will deplete the extra efforts involved in our day to day tasks.

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