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Germanwings Update: Dramatic Video Shows Co-pilot Laughing As Trainee

Germanwings Update: Dramatic Video Shows Co-pilot Laughing As Trainee
Image from Flickr by aviationandmore


Germanwings Update: Dramatic Video Shows Co-pilot Laughing As Trainee

Image Flickr by aviationandmore

Image from Flickr by aviationandmore

Germanwings flight 9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, suspected of mass murder after allegedly crashing the plane on purpose, is seen blissful and contented in a video showing him flying a plane during his days as a trainee. The video shows a stark contradiction of how he was being painted by various reports saying he was mentally distressed.

Laughing and smiling in the air

The video obtained by ITV News was taken back in 2007 when Lubitz, then 20, was starting his training as a commercial pilot. He is shown alone in the plane, happy, as he flies in the sky.

Within the period of his training, he apparently took a medical break for six months, ITV News reported. He, nevertheless, came back and finished his training to finally become a qualified pilot. His first job was as first officer at Lufthansa in 2013 where he obtained more than 600 flight hours.

In the midst of reports suspecting him of deliberately crashing Germanwings flight 9525, investigators have found notes stating he was unfit to work. One of the sick notes was dated the day the plane crashed onto the French Alps. Investigators suspected he had hidden history of depression from his employers.

Suicide-mass murder theory

The suspicion that Lubitz intentionally crashed Germanwings flight 9525 floated after investigators transcribed the cockpit’s voice recorder. According to the transcript, the captain, Patrick Sondheimer, went out of the cockpit after being persuaded by Lubitz to take a bathroom break. Sondheimer then instructed Lubitz to prepare landing, to which Lubitz responded “laconically,” The Guardian reported, citing Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

A sound of a seat being pushed back was then heard in the video recording, a sound of a door followed, and the plane went into a steady descent. Sondheimer tried to pound the door open, pleading for Lubitz to open, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, head of French investigation agency Jean-Pierre Michel said there are still technical details missing from the voice recording. Amidst various reports casting blame on Lubitz, Michel clarified that investigators are not ruling out the possibility that a technical default caused Germanwings flight 9525 to crash.

German chief executive of the Airbus Group, Tom Enders, blasted the media with how they are reporting the tragedy with prejudice toward Lubitz.

“There has been speculation without facts, fantasy and lies, outrageous, nonsense,” he said, as quoted by The Guardian. He added that such unfounded reports are also mocking the victims to some extent.

78 DNA

Rescuers have already found DNA of 78 people at the crash site of the Germanwings aircraft. Local reports meanwhile said that Lubitz’s girlfriend, who is pregnant, was told he “would do something” historical.


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