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Georgia Heart Transplant Recipient Dies In Police Car Chase

Georgia Heart Transplant Recipient Dies In Police Car Chase
Image from Flickr by Nick M


Georgia Heart Transplant Recipient Dies In Police Car Chase

Georgia by Nick M

Image from Flickr by Nick M

A Georgia teen named Anthony Stokes, 17, who had a heart transplant two years ago, has died in a fatal car accident. The incident took place on Tuesday night.

Stokes lost control when he was driving at high speed as Roswell police chased him. He was a suspect in a failed burglary and carjacking.

Roswell Police spokeswoman Officer Lisa Holland told ABC News that when police officers chased him, he refused to stop his car, sped up, and lost control.

“The car lost control at an intersection, ran over a curb, hit a pedestrian and ran into big, metal pole,” Holland said.

On Tuesday night, Anthony Stokes died due to injuries. In 2013, the teenager had a heart transplant surgery. The Georgia teen’s transplant was not done easily, as he faced some legal complications for the surgery.

According to a report, doctors had refused to perform surgery as they held the view that Stokes would not follow medical directions.

The teenager’s mother, Melencia Hamilton, told ABC then that she thought doctors refused to do so as he had low grades and legal trysts with the law.

“He was just fighting. Trying to take up, just trying to take up for his brother because somebody was bullying his brother”, Hamilton said.

The hospital then revised their decision, and finally, the Georgia teen had his heart transplant on Aug 2013.

Bioethicist Art Caplan said, “The bottom line is I don’t really think today’s sad events mean two years ago we shouldn’t have given him a chance.

“We didn’t know what would happen to him.”

Caplan added that even prisoners get heart transplant, and since Anthony Stokes was just a teen, he might have sometimes not complied with medical complications.

“You almost always have to live with some people who are going to get into things post-transplant that we might not like,” he said. “That’s just humanity.”

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