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George Zimmerman Brags About Killing Trayvon Martin, Gets Punched In The Face – Report

George Zimmerman Brags About Killing Trayvon Martin, Gets Punched In The Face – Report
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George Zimmerman Brags About Killing Trayvon Martin, Gets Punched In The Face – Report

George Zimmerman, the man who shot the unarmed Trayvon Martin in self defense in 2012, said he was punched by a man while talking to a few people in a restaurant in the Sanford area over the weekend.

The incident occurred at the Gators Riverside Grille on Sunday. According to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Zimmerman was walking by a table where Joseph Whitmer, a man wearing Confederate tattoos, was sitting.

Zimmerman saw Whitmer’s tattoos and complimented him. Whitmer thanked him and asked “Aren’t you that guy?” Zimmerman took out his identity and said that he was.

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As reported by WFTV, Zimmerman called 911 and explained that he was telling people sitting at the table why he shot Martin when another man approached him and asked, “You’re bragging about that?” When Zimmerman told that man he wasn’t, the man said, “You better get the [expletive] out of here.”

Zimmerman returned to his table. The man came to Zimmerman’s table after a few minutes and said, “Didn’t I tell you to get to [expletive] out of here…”

As reported by the Orlando Sentinel, after Zimmerman told that man he wasn’t looking for any trouble the man punched him in the face and broke his glasses.

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Zimmerman called 911. “He said he’s going to kill me,” he said on the call.  “You need to send like three or four cops.”

Although Zimmerman is considered as the victim in the Trayvon Martin case, those inside the restaurant – including Whitmer’s wife – say Zimmerman was bragging about killing the teen. Whitmer’s wife said Zimmerman approached their table and said, “Hey, I like you racist tattoos.” Zimmerman then went on bragging about killing Martin, as stated in the report.

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