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Geoff Johns Teases Green Lantern On Twitter! Casting News Fake

Geoff Johns Teases Green Lantern On Twitter! Casting News Fake
Green Lantern’s Power Ring JD Hancock / Flickr cc


Geoff Johns Teases Green Lantern On Twitter! Casting News Fake

Earlier on Wednesday, the DCEU fan base rejoiced after a report confirmed the appearance of Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern. Furthermore, it was claimed that Jamie Dornan was in talks for the superhero role.

While the baseless report managed to leave DC fans awestruck, a new source revealed that the casting news was, in fact, “fake.”

Green Lantern Casting Jamie Dornan Not True?

The Wrap film reporter Umberto Gonzalez clarified that the rumors were untrue, after his followers repeatedly pestered him for an answer. Fans can check out his tweet below.

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Most fans were disappointed by the shattered hoax. But a Redditor was able to observe a teasing detail in Umberto Gonzalez’s tweet.

The tweet saying that Jamie Dornan’s casting was fake has been “hearted” by Geoff John’s verified Twitter account. Fans can check it out below.

While it’s possible that the DC Comics COO was only supporting Gonzalez’s tweet, some fans believe that Johns was also hinting that Warner Bros. is in talks with certain actors for Green Lantern casting.

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So far, it has only been revealed that the Green Lantern Corps will be appearing in “Justice League.” Moreover, during a periscope talk by Umberto Gonzalez, the journalist confirmed the Lantern’s appearance.

Green Lantern Corps To Fight With Justice League?

If Warner Bros. is in talks for the casting of Green Lantern, it’s likely that the superhero would appear in the “Justice League” sequel or a spin-off. Currently, fans are wondering if DCEU would choose the Hal Jordan or the John Stewart version for the character.

“Green Lantern” by Warner Bros in 2011 was considered a massive failure for the studio. Furthermore, the flop DCEU title also affected Ryan Reynolds’ career.

In a recent interview with Variety, Ryan Reynolds (as Hal Jordan) revealed that he was “Unhirable” after acting in “Green Lantern.” Fans can check it out here.

proof by Geoff Johns himslef from DC_Cinematic

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